Here is a summary of what I have learned from studying the Bible from age 7 to age 52, reading the New Testament hundreds of times, and being formally trained in Latin, Biblical Greek, German and Hebrew: I know God and His love, personally, in my conscience, in my spirit, indwelled by His Spirit, by faith in His Revealed Word, the Bible, the most accurate and verifiable piece of literature ever written, attested by thousands of nearly exactly-matching ancient copies, and attested by hundreds of fulfilled prophecies and universal truths. My experience does not need to be validated or approved by anyone else, and cannot be. The ultimate ground of philosophy cannot be externally proved. I don’t make any schoolboy arguments or debate basic logic when talking about ultimate realities that can be perceived only by the conscience of your spirit. Might as well debate that I know my mother existed. Nothing can be proven, except limited logic within an accepted format. Circular. Waste of time. Nasty combative ego game. Often, it is quarreling, really. Properly basic beliefs must be posited, no matter who you are. Everyone knows that God the Creator exists, because matter, energy, design, consciousness, conscience, logic, laws of nature, and morality exist. Everyone knows they are morally fallible and sinful. Everyone knows the moral law exists. Everyone naturally fears death, but what they really fear is the just punishment of Hell for their sins, which is a valid fear. There is everlasting conscious existence after death, but really, it can only be called “life after death” if you are in communion with God. The fear (respect and terror) of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. Forgiveness of sins and ultimate soul fulfillment are found only in God. Jesus Christ, the Son of God and God Incarnate, in a moment, fully and graciously forgives all sins, past, present, and future, of those who believe in Him, as a free, permanent, and irrevocable gift through His holy life, death on the cross for all sins, burial, and resurrection on the third day. If He is not your Savior, you will get perfect justice for your sins in Hell, the just punishment for your sins. If He is your Savior through a moment of faith, you are immediately saved forever, irrevocably; and also He is your righteousness, which you can live from. This is all your freewill choice. Seek God and you will find Him and His love, and you will live forever with Him in a glorious resurrected body in Heaven and also on the New Earth.

Curtis Smale