Preservation of the Bible

Good article on the preservation of the Scriptures. One Old Testament problem chapter (2nd Samuel?), a couple of sentences tacked onto the Gospel of Mark, and many spelling variations.

I think some ~translations~ teach salvation by works. That is the biggest problem.

The copied ~texts~ are absolutely rock solid on all verses dealing with salvation and the main doctrines of Christianity.

Most ancient texts have attestation of less than 10 copies. The New Testament has 2,600 and counting, as more are discovered, with 99.5% accuracy.   —C.S.

How Accurate Is Our Bible Text Today?



There are 24,633 manuscripts of the New Testament by which to verify the contents of the autographa (originals).

They match higher than 99.5%.

The New Testament is by far the most historically verifiable and accurate text in all of ancient literature. The runner-up, the Illiad of Homer, has 643 manuscripts.

The entire complement of “variants” in that less than .05% (not even mistakes, just alternate readings and spellings, like “Caesar Augustus” vs. “Augustus Caesar,”) take up less than 1/2 a page of a normal 8 x 10 page.

Curtis Smale