Do You Want a Guru?

People in general always want a guru, a parent figure they can release responsibility to. Believers do have a heavenly Father. Jesus is the Savior, but not a guru. Jesus sends His Spirit and guides us, but He does not absolve us of responsibility or freewill. He gives us His Word, but we must obey it. He gives us things to believe about our new self in Christ, but we must believe them. Cult gurus take over your mind, so you “don’t have to“ grapple with the mess and pain and responsibility of reality of being human. See the movie HOLY SMOKE, where Kate Winslet’s character tries to get rid of the pain of being human by allowing herself to be controlled by a guru. It doesn’t end well, and she finally wakes up. — CS

Can Eastern Gurus Defy Physical Reality?

There are many claims of Eastern Religion gurus on the Internet. Reality is an illusion, they say. I can sit without a shirt in a room with a 35 degree temperature for a few minutes, they say (and do).

But, if reality really is an illusion, these same gurus should be able to sit in a room that is 3,000 degreees below zero without freezing solid in a few minutes–and dying. Why is it, if reality is an illusion, that they never do this simple thing?

It is because their perception of reality is false. In the movie THE MATRIX, Neo jumps off a skyscraper and bounces on the imaginary pavement. I want to see a guru do this and survive. I want to see a guru walk on water, restore eyesight to the blind, and come back from the dead after dying.

To Eastern gurus who claim that reality is an illusion: it is time to prove it, or stop making the claim that reality is an illusion, is it not?

–Curtis Smale