Pastors Held Hostage By Money

    • The problem is that he is right. Even the most well intentioned end up serving money because if they don’t they will be out of a job. The people who pay you expect to get what they want. And most of the time what they want is not what is biblical or isn’t where The Lord is leading. The corporate like set up that the modern traditional churches use is not biblical. Churches are to be governed by elders not paid “pastors”, “preachers”, or “ministers”. Elders were not paid a salary. There was a plurality of them and they were to teach and to lead by example. The bible says their wages, if they lead and teach well, are double honor, not money. The system we have today was instituted by Constantine in the fourth century in order to be able to gain control. He appointed salaried clergy and outlawed home churches. The ministers who were financially supported in the early church were itinerant workers such as Paul. But he wasn’t always supported on a continuous basis. He at times worked at his trade because there was no support or because he declined to receive any. He didn’t take support if it hindered the gospel or the building of the church or growth of the body. Today a preacher who will live this way is very rare. I have only known one. He had a trade he used to earn money when the congregation refused to pay him because they didn’t like what he preached or decisions he made. He was paid out of what was collected in offerings and if they didn’t like things they just wouldn’t give.


It All Boils Down To This


Spiritually, everything boils down to this: having faith in the God-man Jesus, crucified on the cross for all sins, and resurrected, for our salvation; loving God, and loving and forgiving others as yourself, as Jesus loves; believing and following the Word and Spirit as a redeemed child of God, by His grace; and eagerly looking forward to Jesus’ Return and Our Father’s promise of Heaven–our destiny.

–Curtis Smale

What are Unbiblical Churches Interested In?

I have been to 30 different churches over the last two years. Not a single one of them was completely accountable to Scripture, although there was one Baptist church that came pretty close. All of the Unbiblical American Churches are interested in Entertainment/Fame/Ego, Attendance Numbers, Money, Lordship False Salvation by works of discipleship, politics, and the worship of Family, all of which are condemned by clear Scriptures.

–Curtis Smale