List of Good Biblical Free Grace Preachers

😊 Biblical Free Grace Preachers:

God the Father

***Jesus the Christ, The Son of God, True God and True Man, The Messiah,

The Holy Spirit








*Watchman Nee – Spiritually Valuable Insights and Unique. Biblical Free Grace to the core.

Charles Swindoll – radio Grace preacher

*Robert Rhyne – Salvation through faith alone. Amazingly Valuable Insights on Sanctification and Grace.

*David J. Stewart (Jesus Is Savior, online) Get-to-the-point Valuable. Loudly Anti LS, clearly Pro-Grace.

*Renee Roland – A woman, but not a pastor. Extremely Valuable for explaining the Gospel on YouTube, exposing False Gospel Preachers, and dealing with doubts over assurance of salvation, unbelievably good insights, deals with emotional concerns with grace and humility, extremely good on questions about Bible verses. The best I have ever seen on these things. Filled with the Holy Spirit and outspoken on critical issues. She has her own Videos section on the blog you are reading now.

*Kent Hovind – Valuable teacher on Creation. Biblical Free Grace all the way.

Ken Boa – Gracious, very intelligent, knowledgeable, very educated grace teacher.

Curtis Hutson – Anti-LS. Great preacher from yesteryear.

Curtis Smale – I believe in the Biblical Free Grace of God unto Salvation by a Moment of Faith in Jesus, according to the Bible, and according to Jesus Christ Himself: John 6:47.

I believe in Jesus Christ, true God and true man, the holy and sinless Savior, who was crucified, shed His blood, died on the cross for all of the sins of everyone, and rose again from the dead on the third day. (1st Corinthians 15:1-4).

God gives eternal life and gives us the assurance of it, to everyone who believes in Him, through a moment of faith in Jesus (John 6:47).

I am an anti-Lordship Salvation False Gospel, anti-Salvation by Repentance of Sins, anti-Salvation by Discipleship, anti-Human Good Works for Salvation, anti-Calvinism fanatic. Hahaha! 😀🤓🤠

Hopefully and prayerfuly, I am becoming more and more a gracious liver and teacher and preacher of the Biblical Gospel of Free Grace. I believe in Jesus Christ as my Savior from all of my sins, Justification by faith in Jesus, Jesus is my Savior from sin, my Savior from eternal death (and my Savior through the resurrection of my body to a glorious body) and my Savior from Hell.

I believe in John 6:47, 1st Corinthians 15:1-4, Ephesians 1:13,14, God’s Grace, Eternal Security, spiritual baptism into the Death and Resurrection of Christ at the moment of saving faith, God is Love, Jesus is my Salvation and Jesus is my Sanctification, God is my Father, the Holy Spirit indwells me, and His Word is a light to my mind.

I love Him and I love people because God loved me first. God has enabled me to forgive. I believe I will live in Heaven with Jesus and live on the New Earth with a glorified body, because of the promises in the Bible. This is my destiny.

I have communion with God’s Spirit in my spirit. This communion is the most satisfying, peaceful, living, loving, light-filled, and joyful thing I have ever experienced. Jesus is my Savior, forgiver, healer, provider, and the divine lover of my soul. Thank you forever, Lord Jesus! Amen.

*Jack Weaver,, Notes from a Retired Preacher website. Now in the presence of the Lord. Wonderful, Valuable Free Grace, anti-Lordship Salvation website.

Bob George – Classic Christianity book.

Steven Anderson – Faithful Word Baptist Church, Tempe, AZ: loud, sometimes angry and crazy, wrong on hating homosexuals, sometimes sinfully angry from the pulpit, but has the correct Gospel message.

Joseph Prince -Grace and positivity preacher with a prosperity angle.

*C.S. Lewis – Not strong on justification, and had some heretical beliefs, like infant water baptism regeneration, purgatory, and possible loss of salvation. His understanding evolved over time. Made some explicit Biblical Gospel of Grace statements. He was strong on the Grace of God. Wonderful, warm, knowledgeable, intelligent, gracious, and insightful writer. Absolutely brilliant and learned beyond any non-Bible author on this page. My favorite prose writer of all time. “Mere Christianity” is my favorite non-Bible book. Good on basic truths and deep insights, but definitely not the best Biblical Free Grace theologian. Unbelievably Valuable for so many reasons, even if he was LS, which I pray with all my soul and hope he was not, and do not think he was.

Lewis Sperry Chafer – Free Grace

Dave Breese – Search his name on this site to read his wonderful “Danger” paper destroying Lordship Salvation False Gospel.

Dave Hunt – What a wonderful, warm, kind, godly man who taught the true biblical Gospel of God’s Grace in Christ:

Dr. J. Vernon McGee – Blessed Teacher of God’s Grace

Dr. Andy Woods – Wonderful, calm, intelligent preacher of God’s grace, (he is on YouTube) and against Lordship Salvation.