The movie, 42 UP

On the documentary film 42 UP: A lot of changes occur in a person’s life at some periods of time more than at others. At age 42, it is right around the first period of time where a person starts to ~reflect~ on his or her origins, and all that has gone before up till that point, with some perspective and some sense of the weight of time. At 42, from an internal point of view, I don’t think you can possibly think of yourself as “very young,” and that realization creates some insights. An external observer sees the nature/nurture influences combined with wider societal influences. The people and stories in this film are personal and at once universal. While I believe that faith, salvation, and Spirit-led communion with Jesus are the deepest and most important and profound differences among people, I think a real, well-rounded, and endearing portrait of actual humanity is something we rarely see in cinema–of any kind.

Here is another comment on this, the finest documentary I have ever seen:

Curtis Smale

Beauty & Joy: A Cinematic Reverie.

I am listening to a gorgeous piece of heart-expanding New Age music on Pandora. The scintillating synthesizer strains reminded me of one of the most visceral and breathtaking things I have ever seen in a movie, and also of the astounding music in that part of the story. Seeing it on the big screen took my breath away. The scene in PASSENGERS where the lovers take a space walk is what I am seeing in my mind’s eye. The white-light-lit arm of the ship is spiralling gracefully, silently, and the two, in their immaculate spacesuits, are standing double starstruck on the edge of the ship, secured by magnetic boots, blissfully overlooking the quadrillion stars of the infinite universe. Beauty, love, and infinity. Heavenly.

Curtis Smale