Problems with the Nicene Creed

When I look closely at the Nicene Creed, I have a couple of problems with it as it compares with biblical saving faith, and with the idea of using it as a church’s Statement of Faith.

Number one, and most important, the Nicene Creed says nothing about the most important biblical truth that it is through ~faith~ in Jesus that a Christian is saved. (Justification by faith)

Yes, it begins with “believe” but does not get specific about the fact that faith in Jesus saves the believer. (John 6:47)

Second, while “sin” is mentioned, it is only mentioned in connection with baptism, rather than with Christ’s death on the cross.

These two things are my strongest criticisms of the Nicene Creed. (Even as a high schooler growing up in the Lutheran church over thirty years ago, these deficiencies jumped out at me.)

Lesser criticisms on this very short statement of belief, are these:

“maker”: God is not only the Maker of Heaven and Earth, but also the ~Creator~. With all of the conflict with evolutionists on the modern scene, this single word is very important.

“of one being with the Father”: Jesus is also of one being with the Holy Spirit.

There is no mention of the ~cross~, the very symbol of the Christian faith. Yes, it says “crucified,” but there is no mention of the ~cross~.

Heaven is a real place, and yet, it is not capitalized. If someone wrote “new york” without capitalizing it, that would be improper English. It is not the second heaven only that Jesus ascended to, but the Third Heaven.

Knowing and having meditated on this creed so often, I certainly am aware of all the little changes that have been made to it. Why then the word “catholic” has not simply been exchanged for “universal,” is beyond me.

“Baptism for the forgiveness”: Even though this is Scriptural phrase, it is taken out of its historical context. It is not ~water~ baptism that saves us, but spiritual baptism into the death and resurrection of Christ that saves us. It is faith in Christ that saves us.

Please consider making a new Statement of Faith that includes these crucial and central elements of biblical saving faith in their proper context.

If you would like help in drafting a New Statement of Faith, I would be happy to assist in that endeavor.

Thank you for considering these things.

In the Grace and Truth that are in Jesus,

Curtis Smale

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Here is basically God’s explanation of reality, and of the Gospel. These truths were taken exclusively from the Bible. -Curtis

God created the cosmos; and the brain, DNA, and biological aliveness of your remote ancestor Adam, literally out of absolutely nothing (1). God, therefore, says what is right and what is wrong–He gave the Moral Law, the Ten Commandments (2). You have sinned and you have done what is wrong in the sight of God by breaking these Commandments of God (3), as every human being has done, and still does. God does not owe anyone forgiveness or Heaven (4). But God does owe everyone justice and punishment for wrongs committed, and He will justly punish everyone after death for breaking His Law, for every last sin and evil thing they have done on this earth, because He is exalted and terrifyingly holy and just (5). This punishment causes painful and fearful and despairing and eternal hellish separation from God, in a literal place called Hell. (6). But, because God is love, He sent His divine Son to be incarnated as a human (7). God is amazingly kind and generous and compassionate (7) and does not want a single person to go to Hell (23). He was willing to suffer pain for you beyond your imagination (8). The righteous life, sacrificial substitutionary death on the cross, and the resurrection of Jesus Christ is your ~only~ hope for the forgiveness of your sins, your only hope for new spiritual life, and your only hope of Heaven (9). Change your mind about Jesus (He is God and man) and about the fact that your good works cannot save you, and that you are a sinner and change your mind and repent of your unbelief. (10). Through the written Word of God, the Bible, God commands you to believe in Jesus right now (11). Believe in Christ today and be irrevocably saved forever (12). Tomorrow you may well be dead (13), (people don’t die only of old age), and it will be will be too late for God’s grace in Christ (24). But it will not be too late for God’s justice (4). Even if you do not die for a long time, Jesus has promised to physically return to earth to judge the living and the dead (14). Believe in Jesus today, Who loves you and Who will forgive you of all your sins, past, present and future (15), right now. You will have a spiritual connection with God through His Holy Spirit (16). You will have God as your heavenly Father (17). You will have a new identity as a holy, righteous, child of God, in Christ (24c). You will have a new family of believers (18). You will know God’s love (19). You will have peace with God and you will have inner peace and joy(24b).You will have transcendent objective meaning in your life and Heaven as your destiny (20). God loves everyone, but unfortunately, most people reject His love and forgiveness (21). Please believe in Jesus today (22). God bless you (25).

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Curtis Smale