All Across the Front of My Grandpa Carl’s House

“My Grandpa Carl once told me a story that sounds like it could be a story from “Little House on the Prairie” or radio skit from “A Prairie Home Companion.” I know this ain’t an apocryphal story, since he told it to me himself…

It was starting to get cold outside, so my Grandpa had been working on taking out all of the screen windows for the Fall, all across the front of the house. This was in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where the extreme temperature changes make this kind of thing advantageous for keeping heat in the house.

My Grandpa often talked about BTUs, (British Thermal Units), so this kind of thing was very much a part of his thinking as a Mechanical Engineer. Well, he had all of those screens out, and all of his glass windows positioned for installation, all across the front of the house, but he had to stop working Saturday night because he had lost the sunlight.

Normally, he would go to church early the following Sunday morning, but he figured God would understand if he just skipped church just this once and finished the job of installing his glass windows.

He was wrong.

God’s lightning hit a tree very close to his house and shattered ~all~ of his windows, all across the front of the house.

My Grandpa didn’t skip church the next Sunday.

Curtis Smale


The Evergreen Motel


About twenty years ago, I was talking to a stranger about salvation. He was trying to convince me that he was righteous—worthy of Heaven.

I will relate the story and quotes as best I remember.

I told this man that God said he was a sinner. I told him that he needed to believe in Jesus to be saved from the punishment for his sins.

He persisted that he was righteous. Suddenly, I got the name of a motel. I think it was “Evergreen Motel,” and I said to him, “What about the time you cheated on your wife at the Evergreen Motel?”

This was a word of wisdom from God. It was nothing of me, no special power of mine. It was from God.

The man’s face went white, and he was losing his mind that I could know this.

I told him I did not know it, but God knew it, and He told me.

I said to him… “now you know God is real and you are a sinner.”

As far as I can remember, something like this has only happened to me one time in my life.

Curtis Smale