The Greatest Sin

What is the worst sin? I think a lot of people would say that murder is the greatest sin, because it ends a person’s life. It ends all of the time and freewill he or she will ever have.

Others would say that some kind of perversion is the worst sin. The sexual molestation of a child seems like it could qualify as the most horrendous thing a human being could do.

Others might consider torture or oppression to be the greatest sin.

Christians might say that blaspheming God is the worst sin.

Certainly, these are all awful things. Certainly, these are all great sins.

But I think that the Bible is very clear that something that many people do not even consider to be a sin, in fact, many people consider it to be the highest virtue… is the worst sin of all.

What is it?


The Bible says that Pride is the devil’s sin. Satan’s sin.

Satan wanted to ascend in glory, to be worshipped above God.

It is our natural sinful pride that prevents us from seeing how sinful and evil we really are.

It is our sinful pride that prevents us from receiving Christ as our Savior from sin.

Pride, as C.S. Lewis says, is the “total anti-God state of mind.”

Our pride makes us want to put ourselves above Almighty God, just as Satan wanted to do.

Therefore, Pride is the greatest sin.

–Curtis Smale