What Reading Large Chunks of the Bible Does for You

Nothing can make you feel good like a good night’s sleep, and reading a large chunk of Scripture, like four or five chapters, especially of some of the Psalms or New Testament books.

Here’s what reading the Bible does for you: it answers your questions, corrects wrong ideas, comforts your soul with God’s love and forgiveness and meaning, balances out extreme ideas, gives the Holy Spirit some time to work with you in a special way, it is fellowship with God your Heavenly Father, communion with the heart of Jesus, and gives your mind a firm bedrock of truth as a foundation.

Sermons, single verses, websites, blogs, topical studies, or answers to questions don’t do that for you.

Only prayer does something similar to Bible reading.

Thank God for the privilege, comfort, nourishment, and peacefulness, of daily or regularly, reading large chunks of the Bible. CS