Salvation, and then the New Life in Christ, Indwelled by the Spirit of Christ

We are eternally and irrevocably saved from the horror of our sins, our death, and our punishment for our sins in Hell, by believing in the God-man Jesus’ death for all of our sins, His burial, and His resurrection on the third day, according to the Scriptures.

We died with Him on the cross, we were buried with Him, and we rose from the dead with Him, spiritually, in the moment of saving faith. This is the water-less spiritual baptism into the death and resurrection of Christ by the Holy Spirit.

We became spiritually connected to Jesus by faith, to the eternal Christ, to the Son of God, to God Himself.

This new life that we live also by faith in Christ is not a matter of self-righteousness—the purity derives from God Himself.

Our new self, indwelled by Christ, lives with Christ as our righteousness, wisdom, sanctification, and redemption. 

He, the indwelling Christ, connects through His Holy Spirit to our spirit. He gives us, by faith, a new identity. He transforms our minds, our hearts, our thoughts, our emotions, our faith, our behaviors through His Word, the Holy Scripture.

He fills us with His Spirit and His love, and the desire to do His will.

Curtis Smale