Who is in “the Body of Christ” (the Church)

The Body of Christ:

The Body of Christ is made exclusively of people who:

1) Believe in Jesus for salvation (not Jesus plus works like Roman Catholics, and, 

I would say also Lordship Salvationists. I am not sure they look at works just as a guaranteed (not!) result of faith. I think they look at works as part of definition of faith: repentance and discipleship. If they do, that makes it salvation by works.)

2) The true Jesus: God and man. 

3) And believe the true Gospel in their heart, and that it is for them personally: Jesus died for my sins, was buried, and rose again on the third day.

Those that add works that they are believing in, who have also never believed in Jesus alone, would not be in the Body of Christ.

There’s the damnable problem for those with confidence in their own works in Lordship salvation.


Some steps from unbelief to actually being in Heaven:


Hearing the biblical Gospel

Changing their mind: Repentance of dead “good” works as being able to get them into 

Heaven; and maybe changing their mind and being convinced that that they ARE a sinner. Repenting: Changing their mind about unbelief.

***Belief in Jesus and or the Gospel and immediate permanent irrevocable salvation. Instantaneous, automatic Spiritual Baptism into the death and resurrection of Christ.

Eternal Security.****

Assurance of salvation

Assurance of eternally secure salvation


Seeking God

Communion with God

Guidance, blessing.

Realizing I died with Christ, I rose with Christ. I am sanctified. I am a child of God.

Living in love and obedience and prayer and worship and Bible study, Christian living, giving, forgiving, and evangelism, living in close harmony and fellowship with God by living in God’s love and obeying and following the Spirit.

Practical sanctification

Dying and going to Heaven

Being bodily resurrected and living on the perfect earth, united with Heaven, with The everlasting love and eternal comfort of God the Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.

Curtis Smale