Why I Am a Young Earth Creationist

“I am a Young-Earth Creationist.” (YEC, not Yeck! Hahaha) I believe that the earth is about 6,000 years old because of God’s Creation account in Genesis, and because of the biblical genealogies leading back to Adam and Eve, whom ~ Jesus ~ says were created, “at the beginning of creation.”

There are lots of scientists with Ph.Ds that agree with this position as well. Believing in a Young Earth does not mean that you are anti-scientific, only that you recognize that no true science contradicts what God clearly teaches in His infallible Word, proven-infallible through the centuries, with its facts and prophecies. Also, if you look at secular archaeology, there is no evidence of any human civilization before what they estimate to be 10,000 years ago. (So, they are 4,000 years off!)

The fact that there are stars that are millions of light years away has no bearing on the age of the earth–God simply created them that far way with their starlight already “connected” to the earth.

Certainly God created Adam as a full-grown man, not as a baby or a fetus or a two-year-old, and God created trees and animals as full-grown. (Why would God create a tree seed, when He could create a full-grown oak tree?) God created stars that Adam and Eve could see, by creating the starlight as “connected.”

Also, the amount of moon-dust on the earth, and the rotation speed of the earth does not support the idea that the earth is millions of years old (even one million years ago (if that existed), the earth would have been spinning lliterally impossibly fast to maintain its coherence, based on the current rate of deceleration.)

There is always, in every area in our life on earth, a battle between good and evil, truth and lies, reality and unreality. “Millions of years ago” is a lie of Satan, who began his lying to Man–in Eden. We can read about it–in Genesis.”