Watch this Video of Popular National False Gospel Preachers Telling You that Salvation to Heaven Requires Works

Worth watching again and again.

Grace, Insight, and Art

The music is hysterical. Watching these very popular False Preachers tell you straight out that salvation is by your good works is bust-out laughing funny. Of course, it is very serious stuff, but these guys are buffoons, standing up there in the pulpit, trying to figure out what they believe.

God wants saved believers to do good works, of course, but those good works are free will choices done by faith, grace, and the Holy Spirit. They are NOT automatic, and they are NOT guarantees of salvation.

Anyone who believes in Jesus the God-man, crucified and killed for all your sins, and buried, and raised again on the third day–is saved, forgiven of all sins, and guaranteed irrevocably to go to Heaven the minute he or she dies. John 6:47, 1st Corinthians 15:1-4.

Preaching the wrong message is a very serious, and damnable thing–according to Galatians chapter one.


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