Why are more believers not Christlike: spiritual, loving, forgiving, supportive, helpful, responsive, compassionate? Why are they not people who seem like they know God? Why does it seem that “child of God” is a small part of their identity? Why does it seem they do not live in the love of God and are not sure of their salvation? Why does it seem most of the Christians I know just want to argue doctrine with me, as if that were the totality of their spirituality? Why?

Curtis Smale

God calls,
some people respond.
God forgives sin,
through the death on the cross
and physical resurrection of Jesus.
All those who want God, 
His forgiveness, and His Heaven,
will receive them, no matter when or where they were born.
Those who reject God,
are justly judged for their sins in Hell.
There is only eternal life,
and Heaven,
and Grace,
and forgiveness of sins
in God and in His Son Jesus.

—Curtis Smale

“God cannot be loving if He sends people to Hell to suffer forever” —A response.

That is like saying that a judge could not be loving to his children if he sentenced criminals to prison. But God is not only love, but He also has justice—He is holy.

(Besides, is real love only permissiveness? Doesn’t real love want the best for others?)

“God created flawed human beings”—that is one of the great lies of Satan.

Our great grandparents, Adam and Eve, were created perfect. But they sinned and disobeyed God of their own free will. This separated them from God, and their children (you and me) were genetically and spiritually separated from God also.

So, we were born flawed as a result of Adam and Eve’s sin.

That is our unfortunate birthright.

If God did not punish unrepentant sinners (those who do not change their minds from unbelief and from lying and saying they are not sinners but rather that they are “good people” and believe in Jesus), how could He be just and holy?

God is to be feared because if He is just, then sinners (you and me) must be punished.

In addition to being born a sinner, have you ever sinned of your own free will?

Have you ever lied?
Have you ever been arrogant against God your Creator?
Have you ever lusted against people who were not your spouse?
Have you ever hated people?
Have you ever stolen?
Have you ever cheated?
Have you ever been selfish?
Have you ever been lazy?
Have you ever avoided your responsibility?
Have you ever been nasty?
Have you used dirty or evil language?
Have you ever gone back on your word?
Have you ever had evil thoughts or intentions?
Have you ever hurt other people?
Have you ever taken revenge?
Have you ever been greedy?
Have you ever been hypocritical?
Have you ever been unforgiving?
Have you ever been unloving?
Have you ever been self-righteous?
Have you ever denied that God the Creator exists?
Have you ever taken the Name of God in vain—have you ever used God’s Name as a cuss word?
Have you ever blasphemed God?
Have you ever done anything that is wrong, sinful, or evil?

If you have, then you are justly under the condemnation of God for your sins, and you will open your eyes in a terrifying fiery burning physical Hell immediately after you die.

God cannot dwell with sinful people in Heaven. (And there is a Heaven, a real physical place. Where it is, I don’t know-probably in another dimension.) But I know the Way there: Jesus. There is only one other destination in the afterlife, and that is where the devils went: Hell.

Later on, after the Judgment Day of God, the holding pen (jail) itself of Hell will be thrown into the Lake of Fire, a physical place that justly and consciously burns sinners forever (eternal souls and indestructible resurrected bodies) who have rejected Jesus as their Savior.

God does not want anyone, He does not want humans to go to Hell, and neither do I.

The problem regarding the severity and everlasting nature of Hell is: we don’t know how good and holy God is, and we don’t know sinful and evil we humans are.

But we both are eternal beings who will exist forever.

God has always existed (Aseity), but we humans are one-way eternal, from the moment of our conception, from the moment God breathed life into us.

Now, finally, here is the Good News, of which we have no right to expect. Out of His unfathomable love, the Triune God sent His Son Jesus and incarnated as a human being to suffer and die for the sins of all people, including you and me. This was the atoning sacrifice for forgiving sin and sinners.

Later, Jesus rose from death to life on the third day, showing that God had accepted His Son’s sacrifice as being sufficient payment for all the sins past, present, and future of all humans.

God has said that whoever for a moment believes in Him will immediately have eternal life and will not go to Hell, but will go to Heaven, guaranteed, no matter what he or she does or does not do after that moment.

None of our good works are to be trusted in or relied upon for salvation. Our good works are not allowed as part of what saves us.

If we are partially trusting in our good works to save us, we are not saved.

After we believe, we can grow in faith, love, and good works, as children of God, but these things are not required or allowed for receiving eternal salvation.

The One and only God loves you with an everlasting love.

Please believe in Jesus right now and be eternally saved and reunited with God.

God bless you.

Curtis Smale


Why People Hate Jesus

Six reasons people hate God, the Bible, Jesus, the Moral Law, Christians, and God’s Grace: 

1) They hate God’s authority: they want to be God themselves. 

2) They hate that God’s telling them that things they’re doing are wrong, sinful, and evil;

3) They hate there is that there’s a Hell, a place of divine punishment for them, for sinners.

4) They hate the Bible as THE source of truth: they want to make up their own “reality.” 

5) They hate that they are sinners, (“I am a good person”) even though their many sins prove that they are sinners. 

6) They hate God’s Grace and eternal irrevocable salvation through simple faith in Jesus who died for their sins and rose again —they want to earn salvation through their good works.

So… who are the real “haters”?

Curtis Smale